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We're a Fun/Rock/Punk/Ska/Grunge band from the Midlands.
Peace out!

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From the ashes of the band Deluge emerged Katy and Luca. These two musicians were too commited to music to give it all up and do nothing so they decided to look for a new band...

When a Grunge band didn't work out due to a lack of a drummer, Luca decided to start a new one. This one consisted of Luca, Katy and a girl called Kirsty that was into similar bands. This didn't work out either as Kirsty was busy with college and stuff... fair enough!

The name EELNEEL came about through a moment of hyperness at a certain SGA gig at which Luca knocked over drinks and danced goofily on his own. The name doesnt really mean anything it just sounded good. A bit like the band!

So drummers have become the world's biggest problem, Katy and Luca realised they had overlooked a major drummer in the school: JAMES WHEELDON. After confronting Wheeldon and almost forcing him to join, they were ready to practice....

24th of October came and EELNEEL had their first rehearsal and whopped out a whopp