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Here is your chance to 'cyber-buy' three tracks off the new E.P. "Clap Your Teeth"!
Be sure to nab a full copy of the CD if you catch them live, which contains the three extra tracks "Professional Pu

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How About Trout have been going for around 2 years or so... becoming a 'real' band when asked if they had any original material recorded for a local movie soundtrack. They didn't. However, a week later they did.

After a triumphantly quick writing and recording session in a studio far away from home (for dirt cheap) Barakat (bass & vocals), Hill (drums) and Cwag (guitar) were left with one of the best feelings ever. Sure they didn't actually get onto the soundtrack of the movie itself (they found themselves on the compilation CD and film credits). They did, however, find their true calling after all those months as a not-so-average cover band...

These days, Trout have their own set of all original material, a gorgeously large following and support wherever they play, and a brand new E.P enitiled "Clap Your Teeth" released for your greasy little mittens to obtain.

Be sure to check out WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HOWABOUTTROUT for extensive gig details, future plans, downloads & gossip