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TATL came together in the North-West city of Chester because there really was nothing better to do in their lives than make music & play live. For the four members of the band, [Brett: bass, Christian: guitar/vox, Lewd: drums, & Scott: guitar/vox] it’s a means of escape, a way out, a release.
“There’s not a lot for kids to get excited about in Chester, and it’s been that way since I was a boy. The scene died a long time ago” Christian explains, “ had to make your own fun, and that was either get into drugs and whatever, or get together with your misfit friends and form a band.”

Fast, loud, melodic and dark, musically the band sit somewhere between AFI, Hot Water Music and Anthrax. With the emphasis on passion and enthusiasm, the live performances are nothing short of intense, while never forgetting the importance of melody and what makes a good (memorable) song.

Since first performing live in December of 2004, This Alltime Low have played over 80 shows in the North-West