No bootlegs here - just original tunes, intended to get the dancefloor moving a little sweeter....

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McSleazy’s spent 2005 on a high remixing Britney Spears, supporting The Charlatans, and producing a single with MTV's Leki, “Breakin’ Out”.

Many will know the name McSleazy bootlegs– Franzie Boys (a Franz Ferdinand v Beastie Boys mashup EP) was a bestseller in HMV, and Alex Kapranos from the band admitted buying and loving it! Q Magazine declared it one of the top 100 best tunes of 2004.

However, those playing closer attention would have noticed his unique style of pop production shining through his remix work. (Tim Burgess and The Charlatans were impressed enough to ask him to join them on tour.)

Incredibly, McSleazy has also found time to start producing his own album. As the NME declared some early McSleazy tracks (“Street Chic” and “Dirty Music”) as “darker hedonistic beats….superb” and an “ace live exponent of dark disco electronica with rock sensibilities”, it should be well worth looking forward to…