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It all started in Moscow (Russia) in 1992 at school. Stepan & Mitya both had their own bands. Stepan was dreaming of forming an art rock group called Nussia - he was a big fan of “Queen” - and it appeared that Mitya was too, so they decided to join forces.

In 1993 after playing two concerts and recording a dozen or so tracks they went their separate ways.The group reformed in 1999. In 2002 new members Evgeny & Alexey joined. Nussia played several gigs and in january of 2003 released their first album “Our time has come”.

Soon afterwards in 2003 Mitya & Stepan built their own recording studio “Studio 23”, where they have been working on a new album. The tracks included are from this album.
“Not a saint”, “Autumn” and “Why me?” are all written, arranged and produced by Stepan Plotnikov.

In the begining of 2005 Stepan moved to the UK to promote his group. He’s now staying in Winchester where he is playing with his band.