OYK are a 9-piece band from South America. Multi-talented and with a fresh sound, OYK have already had success in Argentina and across South America - things look promising on an international scale.

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Mixing different styles like Funk, RnB , Hip Hop and Ragga;
OYK is finishing what would be their next cd after the EP " Demo relativo " , which was an independent production.

OYK is made up of: Negrosso ,Freeeky-g , Shelly and Tin Dinamita on vocals, Ch2 (guitars and strings), Jonny J (bassist), Frank-O (drums and percussion), Pablo (keyboards) and DJ Sismo (turntablism and scratching).

Since 1998, ‘Open Your Kantos’ is performing live around DownTown Buenos Aires and other cities in Argentina. Also, during summer, they were involved in promo tours in the Atlantic coast and in Montevideo (Uruguay).

OYK have performed at several of the big clubs and stadiums in Argentina, like Obras Sanitarias Stadium, La Rural Stadium and the Rosedal of Palermo and have shared the stage with bands of many different styles and genres as : Arbol (arg.), A.N.I.M.A.L (arg), Horcas (arg.), Nativo (arg.), Catupecu Machu (arg.), Tiro de Gracia (chile), Emme (arg.) and Jesus Vazquez to name a few...