mark buck


If I could have a blues sound, this would be it. The rootsy acoustic sound rocks man. Anyways, I wanna hear more of your stuff now".

Jon Linton from Chicago, Illinois

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Mark Buck an unsigned singer / songwriter hails from a place never more than 6 feet away from a guitar. Mark first took up the instrument when he heard Dr John on the radio (we didn't have a piano).
He recently supported Bo Diddley at the forum in London, Vonda Shepard at the Jazz Cafe London and KT Tunstall the top 20 album selling singer songwriter. Most recently he supported John Hammond, the grammy winning blues guitarist. What a great guy... You just have to see him live... FANTASTIC!.. Thanks John for the harmonica tips. And The Fabulous Thunderbirds at the Mean Fiddler. What can I say, great music, great guys you can steal my beer and chips anytime!

Catch mark Supporting Kelly Joe Phelps at the Jazz Cafe
London, 23rd of November

Current influences are: Kelly Jo Phelps, Taj Mahal and Robben Ford, Buddy Guy and all the wonderful old blues players whos shoulders we can nervously stand on.