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Elva Hsiao was first discovered through a singing competition while she was studying in Vancouver. If you love R&B and beautiful ballads,Elva delivers, plus she has a great ass.

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Elva has since shot to the top of the music world with her strong voice and catchy R&B tunes. Fans have been waiting a long time for her latest album, which was continuously delayed due to internal changes within her record company, and now it is finally here to please her fans. Entirely recorded in Los Angeles, Elva's new album named 1087 comes with a touch of retro electro-pop via the passionate tune "Account". The album also features "Afterwards", a R&B ballad infused with Indian-inspired sounds.

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Title:  Elva Hsiao
Created: Tuesday 26 December 05:13
Last Updated: Tuesday 26 December 05:18
Category:  General
Summary:the story of Elva Hsiao

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