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BEECHY COLCLOUGH, Singer/songwriter/composer since the early 70s has returned to professional songwriting and touring after 27 years as his alter ego Beechy.
After 6 months locked in the studio hes completed his debut 12 track album called From the Darkness to the Light.

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In the folk style of Dylan, vocal flavor of Sting and instrumental vibe of Morrison, Beechy, known for his head on approach to life tackles the toughest human subjects with the soul wrenching humility.

3 of the 11 album tracks are monumental anthems to the hardships of life, From the Darkness to the Light that champions the education rights of dyslexic kids, A Letter from Katya, voicing the lament of immigrant women enslaved to a life of sexual degradation and the most abusive forms of prostitution and A Fathers Son, that narrates the sharp end of the human devastation felt on both sides of the Iraq war.