Group was formed in 1989 in city Rostov-on-Don. This on North Caucasus.
Alexandr Skrynnykov - vokal
Oleg Gaponof - guitar, poetry
Oleg Tolstoluckiy - electroorgan, guitar, percussion, vokal, sinth
Alexandr Grigorov - bass
Vitaliy Ivanchenko - drums, perkussion.

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Bright Light
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Streets throng beside tempting shop windows Prickly eye beside polished cars What do to not to see these tempting shop windows? What close the polished eye of the cars? Bright Bright Bright Light!
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Last bell
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In school last bell Last lesson passes in silence Boy handle compresses as gun In eyes of the boy - pain Cruel world produces boy And sends in emptiness
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Gambolled, played children-flowerses Amongst mildew of the old apartments Children-flowerses left Thousands calm forgotten graves Young tribe strides in life They go In fire! In darkness!
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