Group was formed in 1989 in city Rostov-on-Don. This on North Caucasus.
Alexandr Skrynnykov - vokal
Oleg Gaponof - guitar, poetry
Oleg Tolstoluckiy - electroorgan, guitar, percussion, vokal, sinth
Alexandr Grigorov - bass
Vitaliy Ivanchenko - drums, perkussion.

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At the beginning of nineties they blew up the brains of their contemporaries and rapidly became a legend of Russian cultural underground. The ZAZERKALIE (THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS), a group from Rostov-on-Don, reunited after 12 years and recorded a strictly powerful album in the genre that could be hardly determined unambiguously.
The songs of Oleg Gaponov are written in the hard mix of street folk, pathos of postnietzscheanism and images from romantic poetry of the XIX century and excite contradictory feelings.
These songs are the heart-to-heart narrated stories from life of the lost generation, full of struggle and despair. These are the eschatological oracles as if retelling by eternal prisoners of madhouses to each other and to their supervisors. These are the tired damns for the modern world-the-performance with its property that is compulsory for everyone.

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Title:  ZAZERKALIE 1990 - 2007 (Exotic underground)
Created: Saturday 26 May 08:23
Last Updated: Saturday 26 May 08:29
Category:  General
Summary:And what about the music? During the listening appears an image of some grown old rebels who had been growing up with Cossack songs and early psychedelia, who passed through all fascinations of punitive
medicine, and at last settled as restaurant musicians trying to propagate their ideas in a popular form to the haunters.

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