paul berwyn


Northamptonshire based Urban Folksinger/songwriter, native of Caerwys, North Wales, writing from the heart about life, love and everything in between. Simple delivery of acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice

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45 rpm Live at Circle of Fi5ths
Arkade Users' Rating: 4
Recorded live at the Circle of Fi5ths, this song recalls the days of actual physical discs of plastic/shellac! [$0.80]
Affirmation Live at Circle of Fi5ths
Recorded live at the Circle of Fi5ths, this defines my life from now on... [$0.80]
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
The first song of mine I recorded. I had to record the guitar part first in full and then sing over the recording. That's why there is no intro - I forgot it ! Time is money and all that, so I left the finished product like this, for now. The full electric version will be done properly, maybe ! [$0.80]
Aint Life Grand
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
Thank you Mr Gates ! An autobiographical song, one that I found difficult to sing initially, due to the emotional content. I guess all songwriters go through this stage. After gigging it a few times I've put some distance between me and it. I enjoy seeing the audience reaction to it now. [$0.80]
Another Oh Bugger Moment
Arkade Users' Rating: 6
A song for the 'old gits' out there. Buy it for your Dad ! [$0.80]
If You Believe
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
Written after the Boxing Day tsunami, 2004. The more I sing it, I can see how the sentiments can fit in with so many other subjects. I alter the words to suit the occassion. That's folk for you, always evolving ! [$0.80]
Kiss Me Its Christmas
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
Won a local 'open mic' competition Christmas (2004). I think many people will relate to the subject. You are not alone ! [$0.80]
Three Minutes
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
Again, autobiographical. The idea is how a very short experience can change your whole life. Believe me, it can ! [$0.80]
A History of Welsh Names
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
Maybe we've all heard the Welsh joke about 'Jones the Spy' ? This song explains the strange names some characters have back home in Wales. Apologies to anyone who recognises themselves ! [$0.80]
Nothing Stays the Same
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
A visit to an old favourite haunt rarely captures the spirit of the place we remember. This song's about such a visit to the place I used to live from 1981-1985, a flat on the corner of Pentonville Road and Caledonian Road, London N1. [$0.80]
Steady Thumb
Arkade Users' Rating: 5
Written from the view of an older person giving words of wisdom to a young buck. Maybe subconsciously directed at my son ! [$0.80]
Vicious Valentine (live at Circle of Fi5ths)
Be careful what and who you wish for... [$0.80]
Another Oh Bugger Moment (ringtone)
When your phone goes off, have this ringtone amuse your friends! [$3.00]
Kiss Me Its Christmas (ringtone)
'tis the season to be jolly... [$3.00]