paul berwyn


Northamptonshire based Urban Folksinger/songwriter, native of Caerwys, North Wales, writing from the heart about life, love and everything in between. Simple delivery of acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice

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Welcome to paulberwyn, a Welshman with something to say about life, love and all that stuff, but ina quirky, unique way. Armed with only an acoustic guitar and the lessons in Hard Knocks from the University of Life, prepare to be enthralled and educated with a smile on your face. Yes, other people feel like you do !
Maybe everyone's weird !

Finished 9-5 work in April 2010 after four decades of being in a suit! Now I tour the locality as an'Urban Folk Singer', setting up on the street and meeting the people.

The tracks are as simple as they can be, just guitar and voice, but it's said that is a mark of a good song. "Loved the cd... thoughtful, witty and well sung. Thank you".

Buy a track or two, visit and tell me what you think.