This is the sound of high-octane chemical rock.

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News - Updated 31/7/2005

Newvolution’s brand new single ‘Prozac Ketamine Sleeping Pills Adrenalin’ is available to buy now on the MUSIC PAGE.

Industry promos are available on request.

The single has been produced by Martin Whiteman producer/keyboardist of dance trailblazers, THE LO-FIDELITY ALLSTARS, at their Brain Farm Studios.

The results are a real step up in quality for the band who are looking to use this as a spring board to even bigger and better things.

The 5 track single also features a stunning remix by THE LO-FIDELITY ALLSTARS as well as a further brand new track ‘Never Find Me Out’ and remix of this track by exciting up and coming Brighton DJ’s/Production outfit TOREZ.

See for more news.