Kiskadee is hitting the RnB scene with her vibrant West Indian fusion.

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News - Updated 3/11/2005

Kiskadee's Style of music combines her Trinidadian roots with a comtemporary new school RnB feel and has a social and spiritual comment.

On her new album, three of the tracks were produced by the internationally acclaimed Los Angeles producer John Barnes, who is also producing Michael Jackson's Katrina charity single. Two tracks were produced by UK producer Andy Whitmore.

During her recent visit to John Barnes’s Hollywood studios Kiskadee also collaborated with artists such as Chris Dixon (producer of Whitney Houston’s first album), Del Atkins Craig Cooper, Andrea Carter, James Harrah and others.

Just last month in London, Kiskadee recorded backing vocals on Michael Jackson's soon to be released Katrina single. In July 2005 she featured alongside Grammy winning producer KC Porter on a 6 country Caribbean tour. Together with a live band and a 65 piece choir, they travelled from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Trinidad, Jamaica and Miami.

Born in England with little eyesight, Kiskadee, a British Trinidadian grew up in an area where she was part of only a tiny West Indian minority.

At the age of two Kiskadee learned piano and started singing. By five, she was playing pan and singing in the family steelband, the Rainbow Steel Band. It was not unusual for Kiskadee herself to be featured in the local press even as a young child, grabbing headlines such as: “Young Singer Reveals Amazing Versatility”

Kiskadee’s father from Trinidad was a steel pan maker and her mother from Guyana was an accomplished violinist.

After gaining a BA honours degree in French and English and then working for the BBC, Kiskadee entered the music arena full time as a singer, songwriter, pan player, producer and arranger.

“I really feel my West Indian roots,” says Kiskadee. “Calypso, Reggae, Soca, Soul, R&B, I grew up with them all.”
Kiskadee is currently unsigned and is seeking management, publishing and distribution.