"Back to the Sky"

World class" (www.BristolRocks.co.uk) "Warm melodies and emotive songwriting.......classic pop songs" (www.Subba-Cultcha.com ) . "Folk-tinged pop songs spiked with warmth

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Track Credits


Chris Pritchett - Guitar and voice
Steve Beek - Percussion
Kev Hawthorn - Keys
James Phillips - Saxophone and voice

Design - Brad Waters (www.bwgd.co.uk)
Mastering - Donal Whelan @ Hafod
Recorded and mixed by Dave Lewis @ Lakeside Studios
Photography - Paul Groom
Cover Image - Mel Stuart

Track Name: ghost of a smile

Track Name: outside to in

Track Name: treading water

Track Name: wheels

Track Name: waiting up

Track Name: spin the wheel

Track Name: one day

Track Name: woven

Track Name: roundabout

Track Name: flowers by the roadside