icompositionsoxjam is a motley crew of independent musicians from around the world who decided to make music for oxjam, the musical wing of UK-based charity Oxfam.

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News - Updated 4/8/2008

News? News. The first "single" to be released from the iCompositions Oxjam 2007 album. 2007? 2007. Yes, it's Very Late. This song - "and then there was merchandising" by the ponkies - is kind of a test to see if we can sell the album through here. If we can sell enough copies to pay for hosting for the full album - I think about 20 sales should do it - then the full album will become available. If we don't reach that amount by October 1st 2008, then any sales up to that point will go straight to Oxjam and we'll keep thinking about how to do this. Properly. Buy buy buy!