icompositionsoxjam is a motley crew of independent musicians from around the world who decided to make music for oxjam, the musical wing of UK-based charity Oxfam.

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"How in the world do you make me want to laugh in the beginning and middle, and then feel so incredibly sad at the ending? What is that?! I'll tell you what it is. It's good stuff." - Richard Ringer

Back in 2006, the users of www.icompositions.com got together to make an album for Oxjam, the musical wing of UK-based charity Oxfam. Titled "Gill's Fat Pants" - don't ask why - this raised about £100 for the charity through various people flogging it to their friends and then donating the cash to Oxfam via it's website. In 2007, we aimed higher - but technical and administrative issues got in the way of anything ever being released. Dagnamit!

Well, we're not going to give up that easily, and so this first single - "and then there was merchandising," by the ponkies - is an attempt to get things back on track. If this works out we should be able to get the full album online and on sale. All revenues will, of course, go to Oxjam.