“Tonic” as an adjective means something restorative, bracing or invigorating, a medicine or agent that strengthens, restores and refreshes.

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Track Credits

Our thanks to Tobi and Al for the production work; Kev, Barbara, Liz and Gabi's Mum (x) for always being there and egging us on; Nick Cross and Russ Griffiths for photographs, promotion and endless support; and special thanks to everyone who's listened, funked and danced.

Track Name: Thief In The Night

Track Name: Just Talking

Track Name: Fooling Around

Track Name: Love Love Love

Track Name: Stow

Track Name: All These Lies

Composer: Tonic
Producer: Tonic
Engineer: Tonic

Track Name: Dont Try

Track Name: Dance Fine

Track Name: It Hurts

Track Name: Sing It To Me Sister