The Wimshurst Machine


The band has already 3 CDs published by Indie labels, all of them entered the Top10 sold on the italian iTunes store (#2 electronica in january 2005 for "A traveller who didn't ask for glory" and Top10 in May 2005 for "The Alchemist"; the 3rd one, "Time Traveller" has just been released).

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Time Traveller (2007)
"Time Traveller" (2007), is a great project made of 37 tracks in a double CD edition which includes also an 18 pages full-colors booklet with a complete story narrated by Duilio Chiarle and the great illustrations of Daniele Scerra (spectrum artist 2006).
The Alchemist (2005)
In "The Alchemist" (TWM's second album) the music storytelling is about an Alchemist, during the spanish late middle age. Also in this other album you may listen to more than 1 hour of ambient music, ideally the soundtrack of the story the CD itself is telling.
A traveller who didn't ask for glory (2004)
This album is based on the notion that ancient explorers lived most of their lives through violent but incredible adventures. This album reached #2 Top downloaded Electronic album and #26 Overall on the iTunes italian online store on January 12 and 13, 2005!