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The band has already 3 CDs published by Indie labels, all of them entered the Top10 sold on the italian iTunes store (#2 electronica in january 2005 for "A traveller who didn't ask for glory" and Top10 in May 2005 for "The Alchemist"; the 3rd one, "Time Traveller" has just been released).

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The Wimshurst's Machine is an award-winning 8-members italian chillout orchestra who plays warm, environmental music, crossing from chillout to rock, from world fusion to progressive electronica. As this music is an ideal soundtrack, several movies and stage plays did use it this way (we particularly proud of the great british production "The Quiet Assassin", directed by Alex Hardcastle, who used TWM's "Freedom Calls" as main titles).

A review said: "Listening to the TWM you will travel into a relaxing world of good music. TWM plays a mix of acoustic and electronic music, sometimes inspired by ancient or traditional tunes (Irish, indian or spanish), mixed with modern sounds, from chill-out to jazz, with a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. The music of TWM is something that will make you dream. A dream you won't forget."

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Title:  Time Traveller
Created: Saturday 19 May 14:09
Last Updated: Saturday 19 May 14:09
Category:  General
Summary:Time Traveller: a great project out now!

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