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The Projects. Formed in York, England, this two drummer trip-hop band present an ecclectic mix of breakbeats, acid jazz and chilled housey vibes led by the amazing soulful female vocals of J Low.

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News - Updated 20/10/2005

Eagerly awaited new album news

(if you don't trust email attachments, but wish to listen to the radio version of this article, please go to and click on the track "Radio Mix Edit", to hear studio excerpts)
"Fiftytwo thousand feet high", is the powerful debut album from York based triphop band: The Projects, and features the astonishing vocals of J. Low. With the driving beats of two drummers, and the song writing partnership of Slater & Low this band look set to storm the club and festival scene. Not least because of their ability to produce some of the most hypnotic breakbeats and soulful housey acid jazz that you are likely to hear but also because of their sheer enthusiasm and the positive vibe that runs through the rock solid heart of everything they do.
Back in December 2004 the idea of the band was still a dream over a few pints between two sax players, disillusioned with dwindling jazz audiences. and a young singer, looking for a band to play her songs. Serendipity brought the influences of Nu-jazz, soul, hiphop, rock, and club culture into one arena and created The Projects, a part techno - part live experience. From the hard-core d&b of tracks like 4NZ and Distant, to the hard-core r&b of chilled grooves like Past Perfect (the 12" vinyl single from the album) this band stirs up a cool "dj mix" of grooves and soundscapes as a backdrop for the gospel soul voice of J. Low. Contributors to the album come from the extended family of The Projects and include: the drummers- Dave Cook and Rich Ashby; guitarists such as New Zealand's Derk Henderson and Soliemoon Record's Nik Parkin, and keyboard players like Karl Mullen and Andy Wells of successful prog rock band Pilgrym.

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