The Projects


The Projects. Formed in York, England, this two drummer trip-hop band present an ecclectic mix of breakbeats, acid jazz and chilled housey vibes led by the amazing soulful female vocals of J Low.

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The Projects Forthcoming EP (CD and Vinyl): -"Fireside fantasies"-

“A powerhouse of a band. One minute trip-hoppin’, beat-breakin’, jazz-funkin’, RnB meets classic brassrock, the next minute full-on Morcheeba, Ronni Size, St Germaine, Portishead, Gong, Cyprus Hill, and Led Zeppelin all at once! Blinding!”

"Deliciously soulful female vocals, brim -full of emotion, backed by power guitar, saxes, flutes and the most solid funky hiphop groove you are likely to hear"

"File under psychedelic nu-soul"

[Live dates and album coming soon]
The download featured here is an EXCLUSIVE studio rough-cut preview from the new EP. The band are currently finalising the tracks and preparing for live dates.
Stay tuned