The Book of Psalms


The Book of Psalms is narated by Bernadine Edward. There are hymns played in the background on a piped organ recorded live at the All Saints Clifton Church in Bristol,England. The recording of the entire Book of Psalms was done at The Alma Vale Studio in Bristol England. It's a treasure to cherish.

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Credit to my family who stood by me as I spent endless hours in the studio. Special credit to my eldest daughter who assisted me with the first edits. She was pregnant at the time and unfortunately lost the baby. Special thanks also to the engineer, Mr Welborne from the Alma Vale Studio who worked tirelessly with me. Credit also go to Mr James who did the final edits and also worked extremely hard to manufacture the CDs. All of the above mentioned testified to me of the effect that the Psalms had on them as they worked with me. My daughter in particular told me that she had a pain in her leg but as she worked on editing the Psalms the pain just disappeared. The engineer who did the recording said someone had passed away recently and as he worked with me with the recording he was comforted. The engineering that manufactured the CDs told me that as he edited the recording it took him to to several levels of exaltation. Thanks to all the radio stations in AXAA for promoting the CDs.

Track Name: Introduction and prayer

Track Name: Psalm 1

Track Name: Psalm 2

Track Name: Psalm 3

Track Name: Psalm 23

Track Name: Psalm 27