The Book of Psalms


The Book of Psalms is narated by Bernadine Edward. There are hymns played in the background on a piped organ recorded live at the All Saints Clifton Church in Bristol,England. The recording of the entire Book of Psalms was done at The Alma Vale Studio in Bristol England. It's a treasure to cherish.

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My name is Bernadine Edwards. I am from the lovely island of Anguilla in the west Indies. I am a Christian - saved and baptised 1988 at Slough Baptist Church in Berkshire where I lived for many years. The Book of Psalms came about through revelation. When I was going through my own struggles God used the Psalms to speak to my heart and strengthen me through those heart breaking seasons in my life. After I came out of those struggles the Lord impressed upon my heart that I should do a narration of the entire Book of Psalms and put it on CD so that other who may be going through similar struggles in their life could be uplifted by listening to the annointed Word of God. The Lord gave me a special annointing to accomplish this mission and I can truly say that all who listen to my voice can expect to receive their healing and their deliverance. God Bless You abundantly.