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News - Updated 8/10/2005

Hi there:

In lieu of writing our own review of the BIGHOUSE 2 gig (and since the official 3rd party one is still in waiting somewhere in ether land) here are the findings of our most recent new attendee to the BIGHOUSE event that went off on Sat 8th Oct.
This guy had the drive, tenacity and balls to go to our party from us stalking him on MySpace (among 600 other mind)... Here is what he thought. [Big shouts put to Deano and his mate Chris. big up the Madness and Household Name crews...] and we quote:

" Oct 9, 2005 7:52 AM

Pah .. a complete set of b*stards, philibusters and charlatans .. after being bombarded with an appalling stream of spam of the last few weeks I went against my better judgement (more morbid curiosity) and went to the much vaunted 'Bighouse' event .. a seedy back street garage .. frequented by a disparate assortment of social misfits .. culminating in a lamentable display of 6th form navel gazing by the said Voyeurs ..............

But seriously great atmosphere, two of the best rehearsed and most original bands I've seen in many years .. and really nice bunch of blokes .. despite it being the first time we had met I was treated and made to feel like an old friend from the second I got there ... great night .. great music .. great people and free pop!! really enjoyed it ... can I come to the next one please.

All the best lads and to paraphrase the late Ian Dury: 'Now that we've had some let's hope that there's lots more to come!'

Dean "

Thanks Dean :) - one last quote of the night was from the support act unclejohnny (who were great; more details of them on our site) and we quote

"It was the best gig we've ever had" - unclejohnny

So all in all a good night then really. post match analysis and general post mortem will undoubtedly unfold on the forum. If you were there (and you read this) then say hi :)

Thanks to everyone for making the event what it was... vivaVoyeur