Welcome to The Voyeurs download site at the Arkade. Ours is a culture of the voyeur. We all like to watch – the rise of the internet and blogging, reality TV, etc...

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1st the Kaiser Chiefs resurrected brit pop and the cribs tore rock a new arsehole - now we see the 'seedier' side to the vibrant Leeds scene - introducing theVoyeurs... fortunately ‘If I’m Right’ is a track utterly befitting their name - darkly-charming pop that sounds like New Order after a sleaze-rock makeover!"

To this purpose they intend to write, record, release and play live music to as many people that are willing to listen to them. They write songs about what it's like to live their lives and sometimes people can pretend it’s their lives too. That's what makes people like them, like them. It may also be something to do with the honest lyrics, hypnotic keyboards, the melodic bass lines, driving beats and layers of psychedelic guitar.

The current line-up became theVoyeurs in March 2005 after wearing out many members on the long and winding road. theVoyeurs are ready to rattle your insides now; come check out how we do it...