The long awaited Movin On album in it's entirety; plus a couple of bonus tracks: Mary Jane, which has been through several metamorphoses, and I'm a Rover, which is from Kergoadic.

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Truckin Blues
We've all been in that Motorway queue, usually on a Friday night, when you want to get home to kick the weekend off. Reflective song about the life of a truck driver. I've grown to hate driving anywhere in Britain these days. [$0.70]
Hickory Breakdown
Buy a new banjo mix it with a 100 yr old banjolin and have a breakdown. A bit of fun. [$0.70]
Make You Mine
Catchy singalong romantic melody [$0.70]
Set out to write in the genre of bluegrass and end up with a piece of ragtime!!!!! [$0.50]
Long term relationship song. Not many of them about nowadays!!!!!!! [$0.70]
Ballad of Jack Myers
True story of a drifter and his terrier dog in the 1880's [$0.70]
Im a Rover
A slant on the theme "Wherever I Lay My Hat" only this time a motor cycle. I have met celtic motorcyclists who can't settle down. Something to do with the black stuff no doubt !! [$0.70]
Some Sort of Woman
I wrote this song a number of years ago but was never happy with it. I tried again this year with a completely different approach and now I think its as good as its ever going to get. [$0.70]
Movin On
Rock song about Movin On thru life. [$0.70]
Fortress of Love
Rock number based on the stories of Troy. [$0.70]
Mary Jane
This number always went down well on the circuit, but was only released on tape. Remastered this year with one or two improvements. [$0.70]
Dun Looser- Part One
This is a 20 minute first slice of an instrumental album in three parts. It actually has six pieces starting with the eerie Dunluce anthem, and carries you along to an uplifting conclusion. Sit back relax and chill out. NO SYNTHS Real instruments.
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