The long awaited Movin On album in it's entirety; plus a couple of bonus tracks: Mary Jane, which has been through several metamorphoses, and I'm a Rover, which is from Kergoadic.

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Stringameejig formed in 1992/93 as a duo performing self penned and traditional songs and tunes with a Celtic Rock genre. It has been through many different forms since then, following Kev Sumner, the founder member, on his journeys through his eclectic musical styles.
In recent years he has played with a great band called the Hickory Stick Boys; regular headliners at Coleford Music Festival, and his recent album reflects their influence.
The tracks for sale on the site are in the main from Movin On, a voyage through his different styles of music from celtic through to rock and shows the influence of the Hickories.
A further track, Part One of Dun Looser, is a second generation instrumental which is a new look at work begun in an album called Dunluce. Dun Looser takes his composition to a new plane whilst still taking care to reprise the celtic theme of the 1st album.