Stellar Art Wars


Stellar Art Wars are a collective of musicians dating back to the early 90's. Currently involved are Walter (vocals, [percussion), Twiggy (guitar), Ben (mandolin/banjo), Andy (bass), Henry (violin), Terry (percussion) and Patrick (drummer with "Asbo", the punk version of Stellar)

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Stellar Art Wars (and related bands) aka ASBO, Wasteland, Love Asylum, Nudge, Sound Scope Gravytrain, Shutlanger, Gutt, Dog Salad, B&B, Doss, The Norm, Suffolk Ensemble, RMC, The Surviving Beatles,The Chavs,DJ Death,Poor Man's Pig,Soldier Town,Free Beer,Sidetracked

Contributors: First and foremost,Twiggy aka Stephen Branch... Andy "mad boy sane" Wainwright [vox,guitar,bass,keys] Mark Palmer [vox], Sean (the funky rhyme soldier) Roff [vox/mc], Dave (the white andy peters) Nevard [keys,guitar,vox], Kevin Scott [keys,vox], Steve (wine wife and bowie knife) Kemp [vox,guitar], Phil Lines [drums], Walter Blacker [vox], Stuart Cousins {guitar}, Ben Blacker [bass], Jake [drums], Ella [vox], Dietmar Kennard [guitar]. Patrick Auer [drums], Rachel Brown [keys,vox] , Paul Wilson, The Other Rachel [vox], Tammy Hales [vox], Justin Jay [guitar], Chris Pitts [vox,guitar], Richard [keys] Chris G and Bruce, Kathy Morton [vox], Neville Dean [drums], Peter Rutter (guitars) Blind Boy Grunt [guest vox] ,

Track Name: Who Needs Love When You Can Watch It On Telly