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Stellar Art Wars are a collective of musicians dating back to the early 90's. Currently involved are Walter (vocals, [percussion), Twiggy (guitar), Ben (mandolin/banjo), Andy (bass), Henry (violin), Terry (percussion) and Patrick (drummer with "Asbo", the punk version of Stellar)

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The Saw Doctors were the most Serious SAW , Stock Aitken Waterman the most famous and we are the Seriously Stupid SAW. Stellar Art Wars are an attempt at combining the elements of all three. Most big tribute bands are live acts playing covers on a large budget. One of our faces consists of a live band playing covers. And as we always thought it was a shame that the Bootleg Beatles didn't do new material keeping up with the times. Oasis seem to think dance never existed- ironic as Rock'n'Roll as it was WAS dance music. So we thought we'd to the lowest budget version of the most commercially successful UK band ever. They are also the least credible in the music press. Like Neil Harrison, Andy Wainwright set out (in 1989) to be impersonate one of rock'n'rolls greatest notorious/heros. If John Lennon was Britpop's Christ. Pete Waterman would be the Britpop Antichrist , and the guy on who Andy bases his tribute (and this site), but what he'ws called varies from day to day, depending on..