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Analytical Mind
This is one of the first songs I wrote where I included lots of synths. This is when I first thought that progressive music was my calling. This song has many ideas plus a modulation from the main intro section into another key (making it sound almost like a chinese theme hehe) Enjoy, Ste-Bo!
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Questions Left Unanswered
Aha! A bit of Angels and Airwaves managed to sneak its influence on me. I had been listening to them for quite a while and then I came to write a new song and found it had similarities to the musical characteristics. I put a bit of delay on the guitar to give it more presence Enjoy, Ste-Bo!
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Lord of the Night
This is where I found I had introduced a bit of Lordi into my song. On the song 'Blood Red Sandman' by Lordi, there is a glockenspiel at the beginning. This makes the song sound rather sinister. It took me a while to get the same effect when I was doing my introduction. But I think it worked out
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Ste-Bo Floating in Space
A bit of fun using some software I have in college. Just some random sounds that seem to go together in a rather bizzare fasion. Not TECHO as such...but its boarderline techno hehe ;) Enjoy, Ste-Bo! [$0.65]
Lost My Voice
When I first showed this song to someone at work, they told me 'I like it, but you have too many ideas strung together'. Now...I may have taken offense to that if it wasn't a PROGRESSIVE song hehe. Oh well...I can kind of agree with her there though. A very funky synth ending though ;)
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Super Mario
Just the theme from Super Mario. I got bored one day and so I was playing Super Mario. Picked up my guitar a few moments after I had finished and it just managed to play itself! Hope you enjoy this piece of funk hehe, Ste-Bo!
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Taken From The Battlefield A Fallen Soldier
An emotional instrumental using a basic scale. A few modulations here and there. Enjoy, Ste-Bo!
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