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I am just an ordinary dude from the North West of England. I don't come from a rich family. I have always had to fend for myself. Parents don't give me money. So this means I had to journey on my quest for musical enlightenment on my own!

When songwriting, I found that I had (accidentally) put lots of inspiration into my songs. Some songs I have made have had some 'Lordi' style bits in, or perhaps some 'Angels and Airwaves' kind of vibe. However, it still sounds pretty swish (to my ears anyway ;) )

I was never good at recording when I first started...but when I went to college on a Music Technology course my recording went to a new level! I knew how to get the sounds right and stop the fuzzing in the background. Learnt about new software I could make my backing tracks to. It was a great experience. Now I am here to show you how I put the experience into practice.

Thanks and enjoy,