Welcome to the Solis band Arkade homepage! We're from Bellingham, WA in the States and love to rock here, there and everywhere. Real vocals, bass, guitars and drums is what we're about and we have a thick organic rock sound that spans the genres......... thanks for stoppin' by and enjoy!

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News - Updated 30/12/2007

December 1, 2007
Bellingham,WA USA


Solis envisions a powerful gift to offer for the Holiday Season and beyond; the band has decided to pledge all proceeds from downloads of “Shine” on their Snocap music store for the next year to The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project is a highly rated worldwide nonprofit organization dedicated to the sustainable end of world hunger using principles of empowerment. “This is an opportunity to change the world using the power of music,” says guitarist David Smith. “It’s so easy-download a great song and join with us in fostering change on a global scale.”

The concept of this project was decided before the single of “Shine” was even recorded. “I
wanted to find a more effective way to make a difference with our music than the occasional charity shows we had played in the past,” says singer Karrie Todd-Smith. “We brainstormed the idea of donating 100% of our Snocap download proceeds from a specific song to positive change.” With the help of drummer Jeff Todd, it was decided that “Shine” would be the perfect song if it were re-recorded. “We arranged and produced the most compelling version of the song we could imagine, just for this opportunity with The Hunger Project,” Karrie reveals. “That is our contribution, our labor of love. Our goal is to make a difference and we invite everyone to help and spread the word …. for just $0.99 and a song we can all make a difference and choose to create a world without hunger!”

To download the song go to and scroll down to the Snocap store titled “Solis-Shine…a powerful gift”.