Welcome to the Solis band Arkade homepage! We're from Bellingham, WA in the States and love to rock here, there and everywhere. Real vocals, bass, guitars and drums is what we're about and we have a thick organic rock sound that spans the genres......... thanks for stoppin' by and enjoy!

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Finally we are starting to find where we belong in our new hometown and in this always flowing, ever-changing crazy thing we humans call life. And we have been so blessed to work with some truly incredible people along the way...... one of the weird things about Solis and life is the flow, some people seem destined to come back many times to create, party and experience with us.
Now that we're Bellinghammers, on drums we have the supremely talented Jeff Todd. Jeff is Karrie's big bro, we all started music together when we were kids. Some how an incredible bassist named JB Stout has been attracted to the project. Right now we are working to tighten up the most focused lineup of the band ever 4 sure. JB, Kar and I are starting by doing acoustic sets around town which is great, you getta uncover a whole new level of expression in the music.
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