New Album due for release mid-autumn 2005. Pre-release E.P tracks available for download now!
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Bagua Vs School for the Gifted. The Fire is a new track destined for the new Gifted Album that has been remixed by Dance music wizard "Bagua" different and definitely limited edition
Limited Availability: Only 100 Tracks For Sale In Total!
Tired of Trying
A moody track about loss and an emotional breakup. Starting accepella and ending with full-force power and passion. Plus two Killer guitar solos! [$0.85]
The Pirate Song
SFTG having some fun. Heavyish but very catchy. Ever wondered what it would be like to be a pirate searching for that ever-elusive Aztec gold? [$0.85]
Stairway to the Stars
A heavy, cynical track about the price of fame. Anyone who is desperate to be famous might change their mind after listening to this. [$0.85]
Have you ever wondered whether Jesus had an evil half-brother? SFTG believe he did and this blazingly fast track is all about him. Where did the word come from? You can thank The Path for that. [$0.85]