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Steve Sanderson is a Yorkshire based singer/songwriter who's influences include The Clash, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Billy Bragg. Steve started out as frontman of The Attic who first appeared on the local (Leeds/Bradford UK) scene in 1988.Between then and 1996 they gigged regularly throughout the North of England delivering their own brand of Punked up Rhythm and Blues. Their 'Off The Nest' ep made it onto radio playlists and support slots with the likes of Paul Simmonon of The Clash and Eddie And The Hot Rods etc. helped to establish them as favourites on the local circuit.
When the band split up in 1996 Steve played in a Pudsey based covers band for a couple of years.Eventually he started to miss the more creative side of making music and started to write some stripped down acoustic guitar based songs.Gigs soon followed and recorded material started picking up plenty of airplay. His 2nd solo c/d titled 'Not For Mass Consumption' is due for release.