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after dark
Electronica masterpiece you can dance or chillout to. Taken from self titled album 'after dark'
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birds and the bees (makin honey club mix)
Original available on 'island of dreams' 2001 album this track has been remixed back up to date or the clubs,kickin track! [$1.20]
blue eyes
Uplifting dance track taken from 'after dark' album
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blue eyes (full vocal down to earth club mix)
Corking club stomper of a mix with a great electro bassline [$1.20]
Electronica at its very best wonderful use of instruments and flowing vocals. TAKEN FROM 'AFTER DARK' ALBUM
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breathe (chilled moods mix 2006)
Chilled out version of breathe,warm and sublime TAKEN FROM 'BEST SERVED CHILLED'NEW CHILLOUT ALBUM [$1.20]
contact (lifeseeker mix)
Original version available on 'island of dreams'2001 album ,this has been remixed and dubbed to great effect ,gets played on the london club scene [$1.20]
Real elecro/pop/dance track rolled into one,worthy of chart success Taken from 'after dark' album
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desire (full of funk dance mix)
Given a funky overhaul with an electro twist wonderful loops by charma with that unmistakeable 'desire' bassline Available on 'after dark remixes' album [$1.20]
drunk (twisted cocktail club mix)
Originally written for 2002/3 E.P 'REBORN' this track has been given the remix treatment and it rocks! Taken from 'Metamorphosis club mixes' album [$1.20]
eternally yours (funked up vocal club mix)
Original available on 'island of dreams'album Given the ibiza summer guitar synths this track has been transformed into a real hands in the air stomper [$1.20]
fire island (diva on fire club mix)
Original version on 'island of dreams' this track was completely stripped on james's vocals and replaced by soul diva 'charma' giving it a real old skool donna summer vibe.TUNE!! [$1.20]
Taken from 'ater dark' abum ,uplifting dance at its funky best.
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infatuation (padded cell club mix)
Fantastic mix of infatuation ,mainly instrumental with the odd vocal loop,clubbers dream [$1.20]
jetaime (naked as funk club mix)
Cool,funky guitar mix of jetaime [$1.20]
love song
Wonderfully clubby summer vibe,taken from 'after dark' album [$1.20]
new frontier
Experimental dark vibes track with a real space age feel [$1.20]
obsession (bitter and twisted club mix)
Original version on 'island of dreams' album,this remix is bang up to date with real 'i feel love' type bassline.TUNE!!! [$1.20]
reborn (r n b mix)
Beautifully crafted version of 'reborn',shows charmas extensive vocal talents and james's emotional delivery of the spoken verses is superb [$1.20]
running away
Fantastic club track taken from the 'after dark' album
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running away (poolside mix)
Wonderfully laid back chillout version of 'running away' [$1.20]
sexual favours (INDIAN DUB mix)
great dub mix of 'sexual favours' with indian vocals and chants [$1.20]
take me with you
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wet dreams (funky trance mix)
Hybrid mix of 'wet dreams' blending parts of 'desire' to great effect .A real winner with clubbers [$1.20]