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The songs

Special thanks to vocalists 'Charma','Jose','rhos'and 'Stella' and Jennie at the studios.You all worked so well together.

The Videos

Special thanks to all the cast and crew who made these projects possible charma,michelle bell,the brilliant hair and make up artists hayley and abi,set designer sam sparkle,the fantastic dancers bruno,kristen and kathryn,chris partridge director brian massey,djs and lighting don grant and lincoln, the amazing camera crew sally lewis,lewis garcia,stephen west and chris kamilaris,deborah mellett and venue owners the two steves and venue manager eric.


Track Name: after dark

Track Name: breathe

Track Name: birds and the bees (makin honey club mix)

Track Name: blue eyes

Track Name: blue eyes (full vocal down to earth club mix)

Track Name: breathe (chilled moods mix 2006)

Track Name: contact (lifeseeker mix)

Track Name: desire

Track Name: desire (full of funk dance mix)

Track Name: drunk (twisted cocktail club mix)

Track Name: eternally yours (funked up vocal club mix)

Track Name: fire island (diva on fire club mix)

Track Name: infatuation

Track Name: infatuation (padded cell club mix)

Track Name: jetaime (naked as funk club mix)

Track Name: love song

Track Name: new frontier

Track Name: obsession (bitter and twisted club mix)

Track Name: reborn (r n b mix)

Track Name: running away

Track Name: running away (poolside mix)

Track Name: sexual favours (INDIAN DUB mix)

Track Name: take me with you

Track Name: wet dreams (funky trance mix)