Pacemaker is the debut release from Small World, a new label from Brighton, dedicated to bringing you funky, dirty party tunes across the spectrum of breaks, tech funk, tech house and acid house.

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News - Updated 19/8/2005

Small World is a new independent label committed to producing the finest underground party sounds and bringing them to the masses.

Small World is based in Brighton, a city renowned for producing quality breakbeat, but we don’t plan to be bounded by genre. Obviously we have our influences, and you'll find a good deal of breaks, tech funk, tech house, acid house and electro in our record boxes, but what's in a genre? If its dirty, it has the funk and it gets the party going, it's up our street.

Small World's debut release is "Hip No Disco" by Pacemaker. 2 tracks of dirty disco-house and funky breaks.

A further Pacemaker release is due imminently and there is plenty more in the pipeline.

All tracks are mixed by Stef of Speed Of Light Productions. Stef has recently been mixing tracks for, among others, Ministry Of Sound, Moonshine and Strictly Rhythm. Stef's own creations have been getting DJ support from the likes of Sasha, Steve Lawler, Rob Tissera and Nick Warren.

A Small World label launch night is scheduled for a Brighton venue at the end of September, with a regular club night to follow.