Origen invites you to journey into ethereal realm that has the other-worldly quality of music of Sarah Brightman, Enigma, E.S.Posthumous & Vangelis

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Ave Maria
Arkade Users' Rating: 9
Schubert's Ave Maria, wich originally was titled “Ellens dritter Gesang” with lyrics taken from Sir Walter Scott’s poem “Lady of the Lake" became one of the world's most popular song in the world
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Dance of the clouds
Arkade Users' Rating: 9½
The song from CD "Era of Aquarius" -www.origenmusic.com
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Una Fortiva Lagrima
Arkade Users' Rating: 8
Famous aria from G.Donizetti opera “Love beverage” The song from CD: "New Age Opera" - www.origenmusic.com
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AlbumOrigen Music
The forays into the myste- ries of art & sound, based on large body of work both Classical and New Age and coupled with a propensity to evoke classical images
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