Origen invites you to journey into ethereal realm that has the other-worldly quality of music of Sarah Brightman, Enigma, E.S.Posthumous & Vangelis

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Origen’s journey to the international music stage from the Ukraine started in 1996 when this name first appeared on the CD "Electro"-www.origenmusic.com
Their music was as the nature of the soul in it’s boundless proximity to the cosmos. It obliterates the boundaries of space and time and impressed the listeners with the originality, as well as inspired style and sound.
In 2002 the Origen invited opera soprano Tanya to take part in the recording of electronic/new age album "Ave Maria". Soon all tracks from the album were at the top of different international charts. Title track of the -"Ave Maria" climbed to #1 at New Age MP3.com Charts.
“This is so good! Incredible sound, and mixing..and I cried when the vocals came in… this is "Dead Can Dance + Sarah Brightman. I will be listening out for more... how can I not” May be this words of a listener are the best description of the stunning music by Origen