Müf are:

Alex Kaupa - guitar/vocals/attacking midfielder
Mike Hefferan - guitar/right wing
Sam Cops - bass/central defender
Lee Alloway - drums / keeper

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Drugs All Day
Not a pro-drugs tune, just an observation on the hypocrisy of what drugs are, which ones are "acceptable" and which ones aren't. Everyone around us seems to be doing drugs all day without knowing it. [$0.85]
Silent Effusion
Determination in the face of uncertainty. [$0.85]
A love song for people too shy to express their feelings. "If you're gone when I wake - I hope you're making tea and not your escape" [$0.85]
We Could Be Friends
"We could be friends.. but we're going to be lovers" [$0.85]
AlbumWe Could Be Friends EP
The debut EP from Müf, featuring Drugs All Day Schmindie We Could Be Friends Silent Effusion [$3.65]