Milwaukie produces a blend of ambient electronica with hints of IDM electronica. Fans of labels such as Planet Mu will love this guy.

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Shawn Davis AKA Milwaukie started making tracks in 2000 and at first he began to make techno other names he was known as is Urban Progression of Sound.

Shawn grew up in the acid house era and ever since was hooked by atmospheric blips, glitches and Warp Records type music.

Shawn set up CCT records in 2003 which is an online record shop that sells broken beat and electronica. CCT is now regarded as an emerging force in the electronica scene in Birmingham, UK.

In 2004 Shawn put prodcuing on the back burner to concentrate on his djing. He DJs a mixture of styles from broken beat to glitch to tech house and is currently signed to DJ agency

In 2005 Shawn plans to release stuff on CCT the label and has about 8 artists signed to the label. He will also be playing out throughout the UK and in Europe. As a DJ he has been compared to Carl Craig and Aphex Twin but modestly he always plays that down. One thing can be said though, Milwaukie is one to watch....