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Killer Sheep, among several artist to be posted here. Music released is of a wide selection of styles recorded at Mr. B's Airtight records.*All mixes Dolby 5.1.

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Two Ten
This has such a good feel that i just had to get it out there, it has a nice driving instrimental rock'n kind of groove that goes somwhere. Recorded "live" at Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records [$0.30]
In the neighborhood of Opus 12
At the other end of the spectrum,comes the title cut from the band "The Opus 12 Connection." This is a good song to loose yourself into. Subtle interplay occurs between these instriments in a dream like fashion. Mr.B [$0.30]
Mood One
Another Live recording with dramatic interchanges between these individuals. So soft a mood yet powerful, follow the flow of the song and swim in it's warmth. Mr.B. [$0.30]
Out of touch
This song is "HOT" A real rocker, like a blast to the past for you young ones out there, haven't heard a rock song anything like this out there since Daved Bowie hooked up with Mick Ronson [$0.30]
This song is said when performed live to single handedly save the planet, "If you don't do it, who will?" Featuring ( Donell "Live Wire." Robinson.) And the dynamic lead vocals of "Nichole Yourgulez", this song is a protest song by matt stands (against the world.)cofer. Enhanced by Killer Sheep [$0.30]
Another radio ready hit from KIller Sheep, this one with a darker setting. [$0.30]
Exerpts Instrimental
Arkade Users' Rating: 1
The Instrimental introduction of the much anticipated release of the collection produced by Chocolate Chuck & Chicago Jim compiled from their first meeting, more to follow..... Mr. B............... [$0.30]
South of the border
From the "Studio live" compilation this song is worldy and sensual [$0.30]
Do without

Katrina 911
Katrina 911 is a descriptive, moving song about the tragedy and how the U.S. Government failed to respond
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