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Killer Sheep, among several artist to be posted here. Music released is of a wide selection of styles recorded at Mr. B's Airtight records.*All mixes Dolby 5.1.

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Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records

I Just now Released, the

"Killer Sheep" song that is said,("when they perfom live.")"That single handedly saves the planet." for those of you who smoke, for those of you who care about the planet "Killer Sheep" always promotes,
SAVE THE PLANET. This new release, "Do-it." is that song.(please tell me if i am wrong!!!)Another of Matt's protest songs...
Also featuring Donell "Live Wire" Robinson, &
Introducing, The Awsome vocal's of
"Nichole Yourgules." Listen to it now and get back to me.....Mr.B......

Artist's Hot Blog

Title:  Katrina 911
Created: Thursday 21 June 00:46
Last Updated: Thursday 21 June 00:46
Category:  General
Summary:Ricky Sinatra and friends release of Katrina 911. The ultimate emotional description of the tragedy that was both the storm and the response time from the U.S. government. This song is one you will want to listen to. Enjoy.. Mr. B......

Title:  Chicago Jim & Chocolate Chuck release "Do without."
Created: Tuesday 12 June 01:45
Last Updated: Tuesday 12 June 01:45
Category:  General
Summary:Chicago Jim & Chocolate Chuck release "Do without."Another cut from their debut collaboration.
"Do without" is a moody love loss song, simple and captivating, the lyrics are constantly driven.
the harmonica and saxophone blend into a spacious background... enjoy..Mr. B.

Title:  Ricky Sinatra releases South of the border
Created: Thursday 31 May 22:53
Last Updated: Thursday 31 May 22:53
Category:  General
Summary:Ricky Sinatra "The International Player" releases his first song on Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records
"South of the border" from his "Studio Live " collection.a very erotic excursion viewed through the eyes of a man on the run down a sandy beach.
If you want to hear more music from Ricky check out his International Gangsta' c.d. at

Title:  Finally a release from Chocolate Chuck
Created: Wednesday 23 May 00:36
Last Updated: Wednesday 23 May 00:37
Category:  General
Summary:After several weeks wait the first release from Chocolate Chuck & Chicago Jim. This one, the first of several is the instrimental version of the much anticipated "Exerpts." a dreamy song about a nightmare....

Title:  Killer Sheep open up saturday night at Chuckwalla fest
Created: Sunday 13 May 07:57
Last Updated: Sunday 13 May 07:57
Category:  Live Shows

Killer sheep open up saturday night "dance night" At Chuckwalla fest at 4pm
 It's an interesting concept, however Killer sheep really dosn't play dance music
but certianly a wonderfull time is expected to be had by all...... Mr.B.......check the sight out,go to the event if you like.....

Title:  Killer Sheep release another KIller song! "Crossover"
Created: Wednesday 09 May 22:03
Last Updated: Wednesday 09 May 22:03
Category:  General
Summary:Yet another cool release from Killer Sheep, the song Crossover is Radio Ready.
Featuring Nichole Yourgulez on vocals and Jim, is that a train I hear? Fink on harmonica.

Title:  Debut release "Ricky Sinatra & Friends" live recording of "Sometimes"
Created: Thursday 03 May 00:52
Last Updated: Thursday 03 May 00:52
Category:  General
Summary:Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records proudly presents; The International player, Ricky Sinatra
"The illigitimate son?" Sultry songs from the mind, moody concepts driven by the beat of his heart.
This song is recorded live with Steve (sticks) Duncan, Chicago Jim on bass & Mr. Chocolate Chuck laying down in the mist smoking his mood moving Saxiphone. Look for this song to be posted soon..Mr.B..

Title:  Killer Sheep plays music for the deaf !
Created: Friday 27 April 23:27
Last Updated: Friday 27 April 23:27
Category:  General
Summary:I couldn't believe it myself , but a large part of "Killer Sheep" fans are actually deaf,  odd but true, Interestingly enough on several occasions their "live" performaces  attracted multiple deaf persons, apparently fans, of "killer Sheep."from their turn out...Perhaps it is the sixteen hundred watt's of bass put out by Jimi's rig, or the theme behind the songs they sing, i'm uncertian ..perchance we must ask them...

Title:  Reward for anyone who finds the lost book's of poetry from jimi, my box of spiders
Created: Thursday 26 April 08:06
Last Updated: Thursday 26 April 08:06
Category:  General
Summary:There is a reward placed for anyone who comes up with any of the "lost books." of  jimi's poems.
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. (J Fisher.) or the one who holds ("My box of spiders." )if you have them... please contact...I will pay... please...  jimi

Title:  The release of "Do-It." featuring Nichole Yourgulez
Created: Wednesday 25 April 08:21
Last Updated: Thursday 26 April 07:04
Category:  General
Summary:Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records is anticipating the release of "Do-It." from Killer Sheep, once again
featuring Donell "Live Wire" Robinson, Yet ALSO featuring the dynamic lead vocals of Nichole Yourgulez

Title:  Out of touch
Created: Sunday 22 April 18:50
Last Updated: Sunday 22 April 18:54
Category:  General
Summary:This song is "HOT!"

Title:  Mr. Beederbopper's Airtight records
Created: Friday 20 April 23:21
Last Updated: Friday 20 April 23:21
Category:  General
Summary:The most interesting thing about this sight is the diversity of the music created & recorded here. The photo shows a look into the warmth of the studio setting and why so many artist are being drawn into the fold that is Mr. Beederbopper's Bakery.

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