1. Penny Whistle 3:51
2. The Insatiable One 4:15
3. Searching 4:52
4. Honeyhead Land 5:25
5. What Can I Have 4:58

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News - Updated 20/1/2021

Weekly rehearsals began after an initial session of experimentation. We originally started with a handful of covers with aspirations of gigging but soon discovered creating our own material came more naturally. The band name was adopted from a sentence in Dickens' Bleak House. Small audiences attended during rehearsals and encouraged by the response, and with a whisper of having our tracks reviewed within the music industry, we set out to create a tape. Attempting to create a polished sound economically, the chosen tracks for the tape were made as layered home recordings (in preference to a distorted cassette recorded tape in rehearsals). The tape went to Ellis Rich of the Independent Music Network who commented he liked the result but mentioned the tape quality was too poor. He advised we try a recording studio and resend it. Cutting the tracks live as a 3-piece with over-dubbed vocals, Feb '95 saw the first studio attempt produce 3 tracks. The consensus was the tracks still lacked an edge; they were wiped and Mark Warden was drafted in soon after for his proficiency on the drums. After several practices with Mark, it was back to the studio for 2 more sessions laying down 5 tracks. The new tape went back to IMN but their verdict of 'almost good enough' lead to demoralisation and the motivation to push the tape to more publishers never arose. The effect caused the rehearsals to diminish, and along with personal commitments, the band eventually became dormant in '96. Regardless, the tracks have since had a fair reception and, via contacts, have been circulated on occasion within the music business fraternity.