1. Penny Whistle 3:51
2. The Insatiable One 4:15
3. Searching 4:52
4. Honeyhead Land 5:25
5. What Can I Have 4:58

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Mill of Jealousy: an unsigned band from East London launched in 1994 by 4 colleagues with the same musical influences. Original line up: Steve Reed - Vocals; John Moore - Guitar; Paul Byrne - Bass; Tom Carroll - Drums.

-Check the NEWS tab for our background-

Owing to the internet, now is the easiest time for unsigned, unmanaged bands like ourselves to publish their own music and provide exposure to our tracks.

The tracks have been drafted under the alternative rock genre but due to the many comparisons they've received the category may be incorrect as we never planned on a particular style.

Should there be requests for more tracks, we have archived practice room and experimental stuff we would consider making available.