1. Penny Whistle 3:51
2. The Insatiable One 4:15
3. Searching 4:52
4. Honeyhead Land 5:25
5. What Can I Have 4:58

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Mill of Jealousy: a studio band from East London launched in 1994 by four lads with similar musical influences. Original line up: Steve Reed - Vocals; John Moore - Guitar; Paul Byrne - Bass; Tom Carroll - Drums.

-Check the NEWS tab for our background-

Pre-internet, the chances of an unmanaged band with few contacts like ourselves being signed by a record company were virtually non-existent. Gratefully, we are now in an age where those same bands can control their own music and get exposure online.

The tracks have been listed under the alt.rock/indie genre but due to the style comparisons we received the categories may be inaccurate as fitting into a genre was never our intention. You decide.

We have archived practice room and experimental excerpts we would consider uploading should there be requests for more.