Genre: Adult Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Rock


Ferengata is a three piece Basic unit/Band with additional players and singers available for larger gigs. We play quality music and

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News - Updated 2/12/2006

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Local act's first CD under this name
Reviewer: The Weekly Planet - Tampa
Local act Ferengata has been honing its songwriting chops while playing covers and originals all around the Bay. Fire in the Heart evinces a ... mature classic-rock sound inspired by everything from Santana to Jimmy Buffett. - Scott Harrell

Congratulations, you're UBL famous!
Reviewer: UBL Editor
We are very proud and happy to share your music with our growing UBL Community. Your MUSIC & PHOTO will rotate with other Featured Genre Artists on the UBL Main Page. Exposure as a UBL Featured artist means more "UBL Chart" action, more listens to your music, and more focus on you. UBL now has three featured artists - picked by the AD Editor - every week on the ARTISTdirect site (UBL's sister site), which is one of the largest "music" destinations with over 14.9mm unique users per month and is larger than MTV which has 11.9mm uniques (Source: Media Metrix, April 2006)! Congratulations!

Great CD!
Reviewer: D.Sutton - Mira Productions
"A diversified mix, something for everyone" D. Sutton

I Like the Island Feel. Latin, Reggae and the percussion
Reviewer: Rick C
I am contemplating buying this CD I love the mix of Latin Grooves with the little sprinkling of other styles. Excellent work from a new band!

Superb Latin-Rock! 'Rosa Maria' is a gift to the world!
Reviewer: Dorrie
Fire in the Heart is a terrific blend of Latin-Rock and a little Southern Rock as well. Made me want to move to the music and evoked genuine emotion (passion, celebration, longing, happiness). Many cuts remind me of Santana, and some are far better than Carlos' recent 'hits.' 'Rosa Maria,' the final cut, blew me away... rhythym, guitar, vocals all combine into an extraordinary expression of love.

Great music
Reviewer: Carmen
Good variety of music.

Tight groove, great guitar work. Part Jimi and part Carlos.
Reviewer: Ken
It is good to see that original music is still alive here in the f