Genre: Adult Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Rock


Ferengata is a three piece Basic unit/Band with additional players and singers available for larger gigs. We play quality music and

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Dave Laracuente - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Songwriter
Del Aitchison - Vocals, Bass, Keyboards,Songwriter
Jose Lorenzo - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Joe Caro - Percussion, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Joanna Rose - Vocals
Summer Pfieffer - Vocals
Tammy Dry - Vocals

Debut CD 'Fire in the Heart ' currently available on CD Baby, on their website (www.ferengata.com) and in selected stores in Florida.

Ferengata delivers a refreshing, original and intelligent brand of hook-heavy, enjoyable melodic pop rock, which hints at Santana with lyrical lead guitars and rhythmic beats, and also has the influence of good solid classic rock mixed with the rhythmic variety of the islands. Ferengata is an edgy rock band that pays attention to the details required to put on an excellent performance.

David Laracuente has recently put the finishing touches on the Florida based band’s new album 'Fire in The Heart'. The music tha